Please read the following carefully, as by engaging in our services, you acknowledge that you understand and are happy to accept our standard terms of service as outlined below. Don't worry, it's very straightforward and you can always ask us if you have any questions.

Written from the client's perspective

01 - I understand that in order to secure a wedding photography booking with Andrew Sun Photography, I will need to pay a 20% deposit via electronic funds transfer at the time of my wedding date booking.

02 - If I then decide to cancel or postpone my booking for reasons other than unforeseen personal illness, injury, or other physical health problems that make me unfit to attend a wedding ceremony as substantiated by a medical certificate, I understand that my 20% deposit will not be refunded.

03 - I understand that at least 3 weeks prior to my wedding date, I will be required to make the remaining payment for my photography package via electronic funds transfer. If I fail to make this payment with no communication with Andrew Sun Photography staff then I will forfeit both my booking date and deposit paid.

04 - I understand that Andrew Sun Photography is subject to obeying the safety restrictions at all attended venues including access to various elevated positions in order to obtain different camera angles.

05 - I accept that all photographs shot by Andrew Sun Photography are usable for publishing on their website, blog, and other affiliated platforms for any and all commercial purposes.

06 - I understand that the team at Andrew Sun Photography will shoot, select, and process all photos according to their artistic expertise (including professional colour-grading) before supplying the final image set to the client as a finished product.

07 - I understand that after the deposit has been paid, no significant changes to the wedding day schedule may be made to prevent travel and timing complications. Even so, Andrew Sun Photography will make every effort to accommodate, unless the request is made less than one month before the wedding. In which case, we reserve the right to cancel bookings we do not feel are stable.

I understand and accept the 2 following Liability Limits:

A - In the unlikely event that all Andrew Sun Photography staff fall ill and are themselves unable to attend a booked wedding, we will attempt to secure replacement photographers on behalf of the client. However, if we are unsuccessful, the limit of liability is a full refund of the total monies paid.

B - Although Andrew Sun Photography staff will take the utmost care to transport your photographs safely, in the improbable event that the wedding photographs shot on the day were to be totally or partially lost or destroyed due to thievery or any other unexpected circumstances including natural disasters, the limit of liability is a full refund of the total monies paid.

I accept that Andrew Sun Photography is not responsible for the following 2 occurrences:

C - The absence of any late or non-appearing persons nominated by the client to be photographed. As a result, the specified person(s) may or may not be in a requested photo. While Andrew Sun Photography staff will still strive to fulfill such requests, we cannot guarantee the success of all specified captures.

D - Unpredictable weather conditions which may impact various photographs and photographing opportunities.