Our Integrity To Not Print

At the start of 2020, Andrew Sun Photography made a collective decision to become a print free company. This is our way of helping combat deforestation, climate change, and a means to reduce our own carbon footprint. We feel that it is our moral duty as citizens and responsibility as a business.

The Environment Comes First

2019 was a difficult year for Australia. All-time heat and drought records were broken and bushfires raged out of control. So severely in fact, the beautiful Gold Coast Hinterland and Byron Bay lost at least two wedding venues to blazes. When our studio heard the news, we were shaken. Being photographers drawn to the lush outdoors, it breaks our heart anytime nature is under threat, but even more so, when communities we're connected to are affected.

“Although we stand to lose our earnings from creating photo albums and other forms of print, no profit margin is worth our land nor precious wildlife burning.”

Wedding Photography Gold Coast Byron Bay
Wedding Photography Gold Coast Byron Bay