Photo Books

A Beautiful Keepsake

To have and to hold

Keeping your precious wedding photographs digitally definitely as its advantages, namely – they never fade, can be copied and stored on multiple devices, and can easily be shared across social media. But sometimes, it's nice to be able to hold something, a 'keepsake' from your day, which you can flip through with your fingers, many years after the momentous occasion and reflect on the joy of everything that happened.

That's where a Personalized Photo Book comes in

We offer a 11 x 8" Silver Linen Album, custom-printed with highlights from your wedding, delivered straight to your door as part of our COLLECTIVE Package. It features 20 printed pages, which our artists will collate with a selection of your photos, before mounting onto mint archival paper and beautifully bound between hard covers with a peeking window in front for that extra personal touch.


• Bound with a Silver Linen Hard Cover
• Printed on Mint Archival Paper